Why the Tins and the Yarn?

This blog is borne from relationship with the One who made me, and it aims to promote the same – relationship. All relationships are birthed from communication and their vitality depend on such. Communication with God, is as old as time itself. Adam did it in the Garden of Eden. He walked with God in the cool of the day, and they would talk. They exchanged thoughts, ideas and emotions; they had dialogue. Adam even got to share in the creative process with God – he named the animals! It is fair to say that they had relationship, in that God knew Adam, and Adam knew God.

Once we have heard God, we have no option but to believe that He exists. Hearing then, is an invitation to believe in the One who speaks. And that belief, becomes the foundation of an eternal friendship. And so, the tagline for this blog, (borrowed from the book of Romans), “Faith Comes By Hearing”).

God speaks in a variety of ways – the Bible, nature, people, angels, dreams, visions, circumstance, thoughts, prophecy, the heart, His audible voice, our hearts, a still small inner-voice, an impression…… and, and, and…And, I believe He will speak through this blog.

Dialogue with God is easy. It is as raw, primitive and childlike as making a telephone out of two tins and a piece of string. Two vessels connected through a chord, sharing thoughts, ideas and emotions – just like Adam. The chord that makes all of this possible, is Jesus, the risen Christ, our Creator. He came to re-establish a connection with our Father. To know Him, is to know the Father. He is the tie that binds us all eternally.

He is always speaking; and sometimes hearing Him is as easy as hearing the wind blow. Every word from His mouth and heart, is an invitation to respond. It’s an invitation to relationship.


The beautiful illustrations on this site are done by Agnes. And, should you wish to commission her, you may contact her on agneshurter@gmail.com

PS: Should you want an introduction to Jesus, please contact me on twotinsonayarn@gmail.com.
Twotinsonayarn by Johann Hurter is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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